Welcome to my Neurotechnology Inquiry Project! The process has been an exciting journey. If you connect with any topic of particular please share your interest or concern. Be mindful that no brain is the same, so if you create an alternative translation than what I have proposed and would like to connect more information to the topic please send me an email.

        I prefer to learn with music it make’s it fun and I feel complete happiness when I form a memory or idea within the connections. Musicians control sound patterns that reflect ambiguous information most often influencing a wide audience. Because the brain make connections via patterns, with Neurotechnology we can finally design our neural system connection process the way we like. The technology will give new meaning to existence.

Table of Contents

Watch video here or below (optional)

I. Introduction

II. History of Neurotechnology

III.  Neurotechnology

          A. Effect (to avoid confusion ‘Effect’ is one page then divided into 1,2,3)

       1. Learning

                     2. Communication

                             3. Depth of Knowledge

IV. Conclusion

V. Bibliography

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